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The origin of everything is Cortona, so beautiful and detached, as it is climbing halfway up the mountain Sant’Egidio, to look like a treasure chest within its ancient Etruscan walls overlooking the Val di Chiana, and face each other in a sloping of vineyards and olive trees, a horizon that from Montepulciano slips away into the land of Siena. The protagonist is Cortona. Was she in fact to weave a plot that invisible at first attracted to her, then fell in love with two families of its territory, hitherto separated by an ocean and mutually unaware of another’s existence, causing were thought of meeting neighbors, friends and then like a novel that deserves to be written, joined in the adventure of making wine.
The love for Italy and Tuscany in particular has pushed Andy Goldfarb, Californian businessman, whose name is linked to the spread of the airbag in the world, to realize in Cortona, with his family, the place that sublimasse his dream Toscano.
From Rome, instead , the family Att. Roman Antonioli, former host of this territory, that too strong of a strong family tradition of agricultural entrepreneurship, has taken up the challenge of working with vineyards reimpiantandole in 2004 with the establishment of the Agricultural Society ” I Vicini Srl ” in Poggio di Cortona Pietraia.
The research of land perfectly suited to the system the wine was made by Mr. Anthony Nigel Dunkley who availed themselves of the wisdom and experience of the professionals who had worked with his father – Jonhn Dunkley – known grower of English origin from ancient times that had operated successfully Tuscany – Gaiole in Chianti – with its “Company Riecine.”
Followed inspections , soil analysis and countless meetings before choosing those that met the basic requirements for a quality production. The features found and the surrounding microclimate were decisive for the choice of Pietraia Poggio di Cortona.
The vineyards of the hill overlooking the front of Cortona, 310m. above sea level and 3 km from Lake Trasimeno, facing south -east; were replanted with the sole objective to produce wines of excellence, with the choice of only 22 acres that are nonetheless necessary for the proper organization and technical production.
From authentic “propitiating Goddess”, Cortona has united in a common passion for the world of wine, families Goldfarb and Antonioli , bringing them to express their love for this land , through their wines. Wines that tell the character of an area and represent the spirit of proud and regal heritage of an ancient history and a land marked by an ancestral privilege granted by Mother Nature , capable of giving unique emotions , too, it is appropriate to say thanks to its wines.

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